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    Issue with VOB footage imported from DVD - it's overlapped?


      I don't have advanced experience with PP, but I am proficient and this is baffling me.


      Background: recently an event was filmed for my company and the venue recorded the event and sent DVDs. I am now using PP to basically split the event up into different sections.


      Problem: The DVDs play fine in the DVD player app on my computer. The 2 VOB clips from the first (of two) discs imported fine into PP, but I ran into issues with the second disc. Of two clips, the first imported fine, but the second came across in a very strange way, it seems to have multiple clips overlapped. The clip switches back and forth between two different times in the event when its just playing in the "Program" window, and it actually plays different pieces of the clip when I scroll forward and backward.


      What confuses me is that the other clips imported fine, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong on my end. Tried saving the VOB directly from the DVD under another name and importing it, but I had the same problem.


      Any ideas?