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    So where is Flex 4.5 (was it?) at and ...

    VirtualCoder Level 1

      So where is Flex 4.5 (was it?) at and ... when might it get released?

      Are you folks using it and does it have its own forum - since I can not see it being discussed here ?!?

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          Devtron Level 3

          * insert crickets chirping here *


          LOL, actually its called HERO.


          You can download it here:



          I still do not completely understand the motive behind this move (going to HERO). It seems that most FLEX developers I know do not even use FLEX 4 yet.


          I go to the FLEX user group meetings here in my city. I am the ONLY developer in those meetings using FLEX 4. Many of those guys are old school Adobe/Macromedia guys and are quite amazed I am using 4 before them, since I am a beginner with FLEX. I can sense a little jealousy from them. I could careless, I just want a stable SDK to work with. *scratches head*


          Anyways, I do not look forward to migrating to FLEX 4.5. I hope they do not lose support for FLEX 4 anytime soon. It seems like everyone I know is stuck in FLEX 3 and cant get out?? I really wish they had not made this 4.5, but instead fixed 3 and 4.


          You know there are 26,000 JIRA logged bugs in the FLEX SDK alone? Not to mention the other FLEX related bugs that are non-SDK. If you dont believe me, go to the bug list and search unfiltered....


          Uhhh, no comment