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    So where is Flex 4.5 (was it?) at and ...


      So where is Flex 4.5 (was it?) at and ... when might it get released?

      Are you folks using it and does it have its own forum - since I can not see it being discussed here ?!?

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          * insert crickets chirping here *


          LOL, actually its called HERO.


          You can download it here:



          I still do not completely understand the motive behind this move (going to HERO). It seems that most FLEX developers I know do not even use FLEX 4 yet.


          I go to the FLEX user group meetings here in my city. I am the ONLY developer in those meetings using FLEX 4. Many of those guys are old school Adobe/Macromedia guys and are quite amazed I am using 4 before them, since I am a beginner with FLEX. I can sense a little jealousy from them. I could careless, I just want a stable SDK to work with. *scratches head*


          Anyways, I do not look forward to migrating to FLEX 4.5. I hope they do not lose support for FLEX 4 anytime soon. It seems like everyone I know is stuck in FLEX 3 and cant get out?? I really wish they had not made this 4.5, but instead fixed 3 and 4.


          You know there are 26,000 JIRA logged bugs in the FLEX SDK alone? Not to mention the other FLEX related bugs that are non-SDK. If you dont believe me, go to the bug list and search unfiltered....


          Uhhh, no comment