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    Changing FPS in Premiere Elements V7.0

    blueboar Level 1



      I have a video that I want to reduce the FPS from the default 30 to something less, to see if I can reduce the size and still get the quality I need.


      The 1 min 6 sec AVI that I get from the default export is 247M.  I can run it through Xilisoft Video converter selecting default 'normal' for Video and Audio and get a 4M SWF, but the quality isn't that good.


      I wanted to try and reduce the FPS in the original AVI, and then run through the converter, to see if I can get a higher quality, still small SWF  --


      Using the 'export->Video  --   It seems I either select DVNTSC   which creates 29.97 FPS or DV Pal, which creates 25 fps.  Neither option allows me to try setting the FPS.


      Is it possible to change the FPS in Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0  and if so, how? or any other suggestions for reducing size of ultimate video saved as SWF.  thanks in advance