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    How do I template video mashups?

    magma111 Level 1

      Hi, I need to do a regular video mashup where I will include four, five minute video clips, have them play in sequence, and then show them all in a grid at the end.  I know how to do all the mechanics, but is there an easy way to setup a project so that I can simply "load" the four videos and they will automatically appear in sequence and and at the end.  Basically I'm looking for the easiest workflow because I will need to do this a lot.  THANKS!!!


      p.s. sorry if this is easy question, but searching templates only brought up Title templates.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can make presets with the fixed effects.

          You can animate position and scale and save it into a preset.

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            magma111 Level 1

            but what about templating a video so that it plays between 2:00-3:00 and then as a repeating mini-clip between 5:00-7:00 in positiong (x,y) scale 25%....

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              I've got an idea, but let me know first: what is your source footage and the sequence type you'll be using? Is it always the same?


              And can you explain:


              templating a video so that it plays between 2:00-3:00 and then as a repeating mini-clip between 5:00-7:00 in positiong (x,y) scale 25%....


              ...what this means a little better? Do you have a screenshot you can show to demonstrate how you want the timeline and output to look? Or perhaps a sample video online somewhere?

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                magma111 Level 1

                I'm pretty new, but I will explain to my best.


                (1) the video source are just 1 min .AVI's

                (2) sequence.. not sure, whatever is default..


                So I have 5 vids, (1) default opening sequence, (2-4) 1-1:15 clips


                First, I show default open sequence always, then I show clip (2-4) full screen with customized captions, each being shown full screen.  Then at the end I replay all 4 clips simultaneously in small squares, and they repeat over and over.  So, I have to do this a lot and I'd really like to save myself a ton of time by figuring out how to automate this so really the only thing I need to do is swap out (2-4) videos and put in new captions.  Thanks again!

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                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                  Got it. Just a little bit more while I process: am I correct in reading that the number of videos and their duration aren't the same each time? Is there any sort of repeatable pattern here, or is it somewhat arbitrary, and you just want to get close?


                  Also, the actual codec and format is important here: AVI, got it, but are they DV AVIs (like from a tape) or from some other source? Is it the same source/format every time? If you have one of the files in Premiere, right-click on it and select Properties; copy and paste the information here.


                  I had another question, but I forgot Let's start with these ^^^

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                    shooternz Level 6

                    I am not sure what our resident genius Colin is going to come up with (look

                    forward to seeing that) but..


                    What you are asking doesnt sound like too much work at all...once you have done it once (ie the first time).

                    This creates a BASE Sequence that can be duplicated or used for pasting attributes next time


                    Doubt you can "automate" it to the level you are asking for!




                    You have a default sequence set up


                    You have a default ( same every time opening clip) ... thats easy.


                    You have to drop in 3 or 4 clips at the end of the default opening.  (30 seconds work max.)


                    You have to make unique "captions".  You have to do that manually anyway but you can speed it up by Creating New Title from Existing


                    You have a P in P sequence for the end.  T

                    his is the slightly the slow bit ..  but once you have set it up the first time, copy the motion attributes across to each clip in each new sequence. (or simply write them down and type them in)



                    How many of these do you have to make anyway?


                    I reckon I could do the first one in 10 minutes and the subsequent ones in 5.



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                      magma111 Level 1

                      Um, if it needs to be fixed at like 1:00 i can do that, but preferably if clip is 55 secs, it would show 55 secs.


                      Yes they will all be same format whatever it is because i'm making them.  Heres one format, but really I can put it in any format that's desirable..  thanks!


                      Type: MPEG Movie
                      File Size: 1.2 MB
                      Image Size: 640 x 360
                      Pixel Depth: 32
                      Frame Rate: 15.00
                      Source Audio Format: 44100 Hz - compressed - Stereo
                      Project Audio Format: 44100 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo
                      Total Duration: 00;00;31;17
                      Average Data Rate: 37 KB / second
                      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0

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                        Colin Brougham Level 6

                        OK... I'm not going to go overboard with too much detail here, but I'll try to give you all the major steps and you can fill in the blanks. And this is how I would go about this, so vary as you see fit.


                        • Create a new project, and call it TEMPLATE or something like that. You can skip past the New Sequence dialog.
                        • When you're into PPro, import one of your clips; doesn't matter which one, because we're using it for one purpose only. When imported, drag it to the New Item icon at the bottom of the Project Panel; this will create a new sequence that matches your footage and drop the clip into it. Call this sequence CLIP_1 (for purposes of this demo; use whatever you like but do something that will let you serialize the name), and delete the clip from the sequence; all we need is the sequence.
                        • In the Project Panel, create a new Black Video item, and drop it into your sequence. Right-click the black clip, and select Speed/Duration; set duration to 00:01:00:00 (one minute). You can vary this, but this is a nice round number. Once you hit OK, the black video will be one minute long. Great.
                        • Export this sequence using Microsoft AVI as the format, and use a codec like Microsoft RLE. You can crank quality all the way down to 0, but set all the video parameters and audio parameters to match your source footage. In your case, this means 640x480, 15fps, 44.1kHz Stereo; field type is probably Progressive even though your pasted info doesn't say. Just make sure that "Optimize Stills" is NOT checked. Export this AVI to a folder you've called TEMPLATE or similar.
                        • Go out to Explorer (I'm assuming you're using Windows here) and go the TEMPLATE folder where you just created the AVI. Copy that AVI and paste it three times so you have a total of four copies; rename the copies so they are CLIP_2, CLIP_3 and CLIP_4 (or follow whatever naming scheme you used above).
                        • Go back to PPro, and delete everything from your TEMPLATE project. Import those four AVIS; in fact, you can just drag the TEMPLATE folder in and it will be turned into a bin, helping keep things organized. Once imported, drag the bin to the New Item button; again, you'll end up with a sequence matching the footage, and all clips in the bin put into it. If they're not in order (CLIP_1, CLIP_2, etc) rearrange them. Name the sequence TEMPLATE or whatever you like.
                        • At this point, import your standard open and add it to the TEMPLATE sequence. Also, arrange your four clips at the end in a vertical stack and change the position/scale to create the grid you're after. Your sequence will look something like this: clips.PNG
                        • If you are going to use the Titler to create your text, just create a new title (perhaps call it TITLE_1) and add some placeholder text (doesn't matter what it is). Format it as you would like it to be in the final versions of your videos. Click the "New Title Based on Current Title Button" and call it TITLE_2; repeat for TITLE_3 and TITLE_4. You don't have to change the text; you just need individual references.
                        • Edit these titles into the sequence however you'd like them to appear.
                        • Add any other elements you want to this sequence, or customize as you need to to meet your final desired output.
                        • Save the project, and while you're at it, Save a Copy to a safe place as a backup.


                        At this point, your template is done. So how do you use it?


                        • Close Premiere. In Explorer, go to TEMPLATE folder that holds the AVIs; you can either rename the folder or delete it altogether, since you don't need it any more.
                        • Let's say you're starting with Project #1. Create a folder with a serial name like 001. In this folder, add the 2-4 AVIs you'll be using in that project's mashup.
                        • You have two options at this point; either rename the files so they match what they were in your template (e.g. CLIP_1, CLIP_2, etc.), or just leave them as they are. Your mashup will basically be automatic if you do the former, or will require a bit more manual work if you do the latter. I'll explain in a moment.
                        • Open your TEMPLATE project in Premiere; it will complain that it can't find the AVIs. Navigate to your 001 folder; if you renamed your files, just select the first one that Premiere is requesting, and the others will be automatically relinked. If you didn't rename the files, you get to choose which of your AVIs in the 001 folder should be relinked to CLIP_1, etc. You'll have to do this for each of the original AVIs, since the names don't match. The choice is yours...
                        • When all files are relinked and the project opens, IMMEDIATELY USE THE SAVE AS COMMAND! Name your project "001" or whatever naming scheme you'll use.
                        • At this point, go to your sequence and double-click each title in turn and add the correct information.
                        • Finally, since you may have clips that vary in length from the original 1-minute AVIs you used in the template, you'll have to adjust them. If the new clips are shorter, you'll see the diagonal lines drawn on the clips; lasso the clip and the title above it, hold down Ctrl and ripple out point of the clip back past the diagonal lines, and then ripple trim it back to the right until you're at the full duration of the clip. If the new clips are longer, just ripple trim the out point of the clip and the title above it to a later point in the sequence. You will likely have to do the same for your four-up display at the end of the sequence.


                        There you have it; I think I was more detailed that I needed to be, but that should get you rolling. Seems like quite a few steps, but it should only take a few minutes to set up the template, and then moments to change the copy. If anything doesn't make sense, let me know... have fun!

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                          magma111 Level 1

                          O.o i will need to take my time to absorbe this.  Thanks!

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                            akribie Level 2

                            Without going into all the mechanics, would your problem be solved by creating a project which places each of the source files into individual sequences and then uses those sequences to create your composites instead of using the raw clips.


                            Then all you'd have to do is import that project each time, change the source files in each of the initial sequences, and the composite sequence(s) would then reflect the change of material without any extra work.