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    Setting Default File Availability


      Is it possible to set the SendNow default file availability at something other than 30 days?  I would like to set availability at 14 days and leave it, rather than set it at each send. Wonderful online service! Feels as if it was made for us. Thanks.

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          Rebecca Staley Adobe Employee

          Hello there,


          Thanks for posting! This is a great feature suggestion; we're absolutely interested in making settings in SendNow (and Acrobat.com and Adobe CreatePDF) more customizable, so we'll certainly be discussing your idea as we plan for future releases.


          Also, since it sounds like you've been able to use the service a bit, I'd like to invite you to participate in Adobe's Customer Reference Program; it would just consist of a 30-minute phone call with someone from the team here, so it wouldn't be a huge commitment. We'd very much appreciate to hear your feedback on the product. Please let me know if you'd be interested in speaking with us; if you are, I can have our Customer Reference Program Manager contact you shortly.


          Thank you again for posting your suggestion; and keep 'em coming as you continue to use SendNow!


          Best regards,


          Rebecca Staley

          Acrobat.com Community Manager

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            PESI HealthCare

            I see this is a rather old post, however as a new user to the service, I would like to second this request.   PLEASE make the file availability parameter a customized value.