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    Alert component causes infinite loop

      Hi all,

      I have a frustrating problem I hope someone can help me with.

      When I call the method Alert.show(), Flash reports the following error:
      256 levels of recursion were exceeded in one action list.
      This is probably an infinite loop.
      Further execution of actions has been disabled in this movie.

      From my trace output it seems that Flash is calling the method that contains Alert.show() over and over again, for now apparent reason. Here is how I call Alert.show():

      Alert.show("Message goes here", "Title goes here", Alert.OK | Alert.CANCEL, this, null, "", Alert.OK);

      I am calling it from within a method in a custom class that is subclassed from UIObject. Another piece of documentation I found said I need to subclass from UIComponent but that did not fix the problem. I am not using any focus methods or messing with the focus in any way.

      Any and all replies are much appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,