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    When I open this pdf, it's like a slideshow gone wild


      I'm on Windows XP, using Adobe Reader 8.


      I've never had any trouble with PDFs until this one file today.  It consists of about 15 pictures, each on its own page.  When I open the file, it's like a lightning-fast slideshow.  Each picture is on the screen for about half a second as it cycles through all 15 pictures.  When it gets to the last one, that picture stays on the screen and the number of pages in the document displays as "1/1".  So I only have access to the last picture.  I had someone else in the office try to open the file on their computer and they had the same problem.


      I went into the Preferences and tried changing a few settings one by one, but nothing has helped.  Can anyone tell me what's going on with this thing?



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          radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sorry, I could tell you what's wrong but there is definitly caused by your file.

          It's either a "internal malfunction" in the file or the file is really evil.


          I hope you didn't download this file somewhere in the www without knowing what it is about.

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            RussLA Level 1

            Radzmar, thanks for your reply.  We were able to solve the problem.  One of my coworkers opened the file in Adobe Photoshop and was able to get all the pages to display properly.  In Photoshop you can display a file as "Pages" or "Images."  She chose "Images" and that allowed the entire set of pictures to be seen.  (Adobe Reader 8 only lets you view the file as "Pages," which causes the problem I described in my original question.)  The file was brought to us by a client who had assembled the pictures into the PDF, so there was no threat of a virus.  Interestingly, there were 43 total pictures in the file.  I had thought there were about 15 based on the number of pictures that flashed by when I opened it.