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    Monitor output


      In my old SD editing system I used the graphics card to feed my two editing desktop monitors and I drove my Sony pvm and plasma screens via component from the Matrox rtx2. I have just built a new PC and I would like to keep my two editing monitors but I don't want to re-use the rtx2. What do other editors use to feed their third TX monitor? Can I use a second graphics card with an HDMI op or will that not work with my GTS450. I know Matrox produce several output cards are they any more stable than the RTX2?


      Richard Knight

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          jkosmicki Level 2

          Blackmagic has several inexpensively priced options depending on your needs. The output signals are exceptionally high-quality. http://www.blackmagic-design.com/

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            Daxman1965 Level 1

            I have just sold my RT.X2 and have the MX02 mini max and if you are in PAL land Matrox simply does not take care of PAL user like they do with NTSC but if you figure out what settings to use it works well. I personally would like to see Adobe bring out some type of Break out box. with the power of CS5 all as we need is some sort of in & out. I have tried Blackmagic with CS4 and when CS5 came out and I had a few problems. Matrox take for ever to get the drivers out and by the time they get it all sorted the edit suite normally changes and you are back to square one.

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              Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I have put my old GeForce card in along with the GTS450 and I am using that to drive the Plasma but I'm finding that the picture stutters, it's almost like  a PAL field order problem but this is with HD EX footage. Perhaps this is yet another problem.


              Richard Knight