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    Windows Integrated Security

      Hello -- I'm trying to get Windows Integrated Security to authenticate clients and then use the *client's* username/password when FDS connects to SQL Server.

      IIS is providing initial authentication (IIS settings are set to allow Windows Integrated Authentication only) and is then passing off request handling to Tomcat via the Tomcat Connector ISAPI filter. I have the latest MS JDBC driver installed and working with "integratedSecurity=true" in my connection string. Tomcat authentication is disabled per the instructions for setting up the ISAPI filter.

      My hope was that this configuration would allow IIS to authenticate the client, and then the resulting call into Tomcat would be running as the client, where the client's username/password would be used by the JDBC driver to make the connection to SQL server. This doesn't appear to be happening. The call is always made as the user that started the Tomcat process. In ASP, this is handled by enabling user "impersonation", but I can't find any equivalent with these technologies.

      Is there any approach that I can take to get FDS to connect to the database using the client's credentials?

      Thanks in advance!

      ~ Chris