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    Cp4 or 5: Recording a training course to use as individual slides



      We have an old training course that was done years ago and we no longer have the working files. We need to put it into a new template so wish to "capture" each screen, one at a time, and publish as a SWF before placing each SWF into a new template. This template is XML based and "stiches" the SWFs together and adds a control panel at the bottom of the page.


      Problem 1:

      Each screen is triggered by clicking the "next" button. At this point we start "Captivating" using the FMR as there is a series of animations on each screen plus audio. When the screen gets to the end and the "next" button becomes active again, thats when we stop the recording.


      What happens is that Captivate does not record one slide, it produces many, upto 30 in some instances, which affects the audio quality as its chopped up, plus it makes it difficult to check that the file is correct.


      Problem 2:

      It takes a long time to do this, we have over 40 hours of e-learning to capture! We would prefer to start "Captivating" and have Captivate recognise that when the "next" button is clicked, its the start of a new slide. This should mean that if the original e-learning has 40 screens, the Captivate file has 40 slides. We would then like to export each "slide" as an individual SWF.



      Can anyone help?


      Many thanks