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    digital signature application pre-requisite

    Abhishek110486 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am developing an application for digital signature in Adobe live cycle. We get the usb token containing certificates of users from identrust for pdf signing. For validating signature i am using p12 file provided by identrust. I have imported p12 file in adobe live cycle server in trust store settings of adminui


      I have pdf verification service as well as xml sign verification service which will validate incoming pdf for transaction.


      shall i need to import those certificate in trusted root with following procedures

      1.Go to web browser

      2.Click on tool and then internet option

      3.under content tab go to certificate

      4.import the certificate(identrustt.p12) file in trusted root tab.


      ya there is no need of doing this thing.


      we can import .cer file by above method but is this a correct way if i import p12 file in similar fashion.


      Please someone help me out to know the difference between .cer and .p12 file. Or provide me any link which help me out to get more info on digital signature.


      Please reply to me if you need more clarification on this.