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    Re: Switching pages from flash-gui

    ForrestGimp Level 1
      One way around it is to call a doc-level function from AS which itself fires off a short delayed function call to set the pageNum value, so you can return the handshake to Flash *before* the page changes and the link gets severed.

      Once again an extremely simple task made incredibly complicated. So this is a known bug noone cared to fix? Not quite what I would expect considering the retail-prize of Acrobat Pro Extended.At least I know what's going on now.


      So thanx anyway.


      Is there a chance this is at least fixed in Acrobat X?

      BTW: A separate forum on Acrobat Flash would probably be a good idea (just like there is one for 3D-Features). I'm always unsure where to post such problems specifically involving flash in the acrobat context. As the documentation on this subject is very limited imho, there's probably loads of problems to discuss.