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    Black screen fix not working with Aggregator


      I've installed the hotfix for the black screen issue, and my individual movies seem to play fine now.  However, when I use Aggregator, I'm still getting the black screen. I started a new aggregator file from scratch, and still not working. Anyone else having this issue? Any thoughts on what I can try?  I couldn't find a folder where files specific to aggregator are stored. Thought maybe the dll needed to be updated there as well.


      Thanks for any help or suggestions.



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          KellyPhillipsNC Level 1

          Here is what (I think) happened.  I have seven files linked with the aggregator. Only 5 were having the black screen issue. So I downloaded the hotfix, republished those 5 and republished the aggregator.  All seven files played fine individually, but the aggregator was still blacking out.


          Solution:  I republished the two files that were not having the black screen problem, and now the aggregator file is running fine.


          This issue is obviously not just happening with movies containing text animation.