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    Splash screen on Mac OS X


      Hi there,


      I am making a splash screen for my app which only works on Windows and not on MAC. The concept is to hide the WindowedApplication in the beginning by setting <visible>false</visible> and by setting the <x>-2000</x> and <y>-2000</y> in the descriptor file. This technique has been shown on many websites( eg http://ultravisual.co.uk/blog/2009/07/20/effective-splash-screens-for-adobe-air-applicatio ns/). However this does not work on a Mac Os X - the original screen always stays there - UNLESS i set     <systemChrome>none</systemChrome>and <transparent>true</transparent>.


      Any ideas why Mac Osx needs to have no system chrome for it not to show the WindowedApplication?


      Thank you