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    Need help with attachMovie and removeMovie


      In the setOne_mc I have three buttons close_btn, min_btn and max_btn....I want the movie clip to be removed from the stage if close is released.


      I seem not to be conecting with the buttons...the clip appears on the screen.



      menuBar_mc.dropMenu_mc.subMenu01_mc.onRelease = function() {
      holder_mc.attachMovie("setOne_mc","setOne_mc",2,{_x:0, _y:0});
      holder_mc.setOne_mc.close_btn.onRelease = function() {
      function go() {



      function halt() {
      menuBar_mc.dropMenu_mc.subMenu01_mc.enabled = false;
      menuBar_mc.dropMenu_mc.subMenu02_mc.enabled = false;
      menuBar_mc.dropMenu_mc.subMenu03_mc.enabled = false;
      menuBar_mc.dropMenu_mc.subMenu04_mc.enabled = false;
      menuBar_mc.dropMenu_mc.subMenu05_mc.enabled = false;