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    Creating a vector image map that pulls data using ColdFusion

    John Sieber Level 1

      I tried posting this in the Coldfusion Flash integration board, but recieved no feedback so I thought it might be better to try here. I have ColdFusion experience, but zero Flash/Flex experience. I have a vector image of the United States and I would like to create an interactive map that allows the user to select individual states. When the user selects the individual state I would like to pull some data from the database and show display it in a div below the map. I've searched for an example tutorial or guide on how to do this, but so far have come up empty. I'm just looking for someone to point me in the right direction so that I can try to start building this. Any advice as to where to start or guides, blog, post etc.. that people are aware of that could help me with this?