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    click movieclip once = play it. Click the second time and reverse it. (how?)


      Hello friends, i'm new here!

      How you're all doin'?


      I will try to explain my problem as good as i can;


      Im making a flashpresentation for a school project. And in this presentation i want a picture-gallery.

      To make the gallery i have made a movieclip, that animates from a little square, to a big square.


      My wish is;

      1.When i click the movieclip the first time, it expands (play forward)

      2.When the movieclip is expanded click it again and it contracts (play reverse)


      I have done the first assignment, here is the code;






      onMouseDown = function() {





      I have made this work pretty easly with buttons, but thats not how i want it.


      So, please guys, how do i make this work?



      All the best