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    Trying to configure Windows default Monitor RGB

    gator soup Level 4

      Hi, I am trying to figure out the Windows color management interface to set up and confirm Monitor RGB.


      Also how to set up and confirm that Windows is Defaulting to sRGB in untagged/unmanaged apps.


      Thanks in advance for any help...


      First DEVICES tab:



      In this screen shot, I see Device is set to "Display: Generic PnP Monitor-ATI"

      This doesn't look like a monitor profile (what is it)?


      I see "Use my settings for this device" is checked

      What behavior does that turn off/on?


      In ICC Profiles, I see "Starbucks.icm (default)"

      This looks like the Default monitor profile, but how/where was it selected?

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          gator soup Level 4

          Okay, I plugged my Vista hard drive into my Mac Pro and booted into Windows Vista and took a deeper look.


          Control Panel> Color Management> Device tab:


          "Display: Generic PnP Monitor - NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT" appears to selecting the monitor attached to that card.

          To see the actual monitor, go to Device Manager> Monitors (expand): right+click on Generic PnP Monitor> Properties> Details tab> click/expand Property drop menu and scroll to Hardware Ids ("Value" should list monitor). I am not sure what PnP means (plug & play?).


          Checking "Use my settings for this device" probably lets me add and select profiles and behaviors to use with this monitor.

          Unchecking "Use my settings for this device" probably tells Windows to make these decisions for me behind the mystery curtain (not desired if you like to know what's happening).


          To select/change Windows Default Monitor RGB:


          For example, if I wanted to switch my Monitor RGB to sRGB, I would click on "Add..." and choose the sRGB profile from the list of profiles installed on the system.  Same routine if I had a custom monitor profile....


          Once I have the desired monitor profile appearing in Devices> Name — to set it as my Monitor RGB — I would click on it to highlight it, then click on "Set as Default Profile" (and reboot for safe measure and to be sure the change sticks after rebooting).




          To confirm Windows Default Monitor RGB:


          Go to Control Panel> Color Management> Device tab (and note profile "(default)".


          This "(default)" designation probably identifies the current Windows default monitor profile, and it is probably where Photoshop picks up its Monitor RGB profile.



          In other words, in the above example, Windows is using the "Starbucks.icm" custom monitor profile.




          To confirm Photoshop's Monitor RGB:


          In Photoshop, go to Edit> Color Settings.


          See Working Spaces> RGB and click to expand the drop menu.


          Photoshop's Monitor RGB is the profile listed to the right of "Monitor RGB - (profile name)".




          Note: Never set Working RGB to Monitor RGB (I am only pointing this out so you know where to confirm what profile Photoshop is using for Monitor RGB)...