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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 5.0.3 update

    Sheri Codiana Level 1

      We've got an update available on Adobe.com at http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=98&platform=Windows or at http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=98&platform=Macintosh.


      The AAM update won't go out right away but look for it in the next 24 hours.


      A summary of the update:


      The Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 5.0.3 update adds Mercury Playback Engine (MPE) support for the NVIDIA Quadro 5000m card (Windows) and the NVIDIA Quadro 4000 card (Mac).


      The Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 5.0.3 update includes fixes for the following issues:
      • Custom effect UI performance enhancements.
      • Improved performance when switching between Adobe Premiere Pro and other applications.
      • Fixed issue where custom action safe guides shift position during direct manipulation.
      • Fixed issue where double clicking a title opens the Source Monitor panel instead of the Titler panel when the Project panel is in Icon view.
      • Fixed issue where importer XDCAM HD does not support Nexio 4:2:0 MXF files.
      • Fixed issue where shared network media gets re-indexed by every system that accesses the media.
      • Fixed issue where UI becomes non-responsive when loading projects that require MPEG indexing.
      • Made improvements to stability of Capture on Windows.
      • Fixed issue with Mercury Playback Engine using GPU acceleration where dissolves were not behaving correctly when opacity keyframes are present.
      • Fixed issue with Mercury Playback Engine using GPU acceleration where the Crop effect renders incorrectly when media is scaled to frame size.
      • Fixed issue where preview rendering gets stuck in a loop state.
      • Fixed issue where canceling an export sample does not cancel the render and could cause other export problems.
      • Fixed an issue where audio is not exported via SDI when using Export to Tape.
      • Fixed issue where master clips imported into projects using Final Cut Pro XML import are stripped of their unique identifiers.
      • Fixed issue where editing is sluggish in long sequences containing transitions.
      • Fixed issue where ProRes files or animation MOVs are unusable when the Cineform MOV importer is installed.

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