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    Custom Icon for application file


      I can make director allow me to have a custom icon for appliacation file.


      In director I have attempted this several times where I have tried to have my appliaction file have an icon.  I have purchased two icon program Candy Bar and Fastincs trying to remedy this problem.




      As you see here I am using an ins file created in Fastincs.  Now here is an image to the path and the icon itself Applipcations/ Adobe Director 11/3 HorseLogo.mac.ins




      So there is the setup now when I complile for my program file I get this.





      See the grey Director icon I don't want that I want the three horse logo.


      I also tried to assign the logo after publishing the file.





      then I drag my icon file in






      The program created in director still wont see the icon file.


      If I use Candy bar (icon application)  I get a  different result. The icon worksassigned.gif


      in both finder and on the task bar






      This is exactly what I want.


      I works until I try to move the entire package into an installer program  I am using BitRock.  When I compile the installation program then try to run the application I get the following message








      If I choose ignore the install continues.  But I have no icon.


      I am desperate , weeping , screaming , and almost a lost cause, any help any help at all I could really use.







      Robin aka innish

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          Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Robin,


          I'm more of a PC person rather than Mac. I would recommend you look at the Resource and Icon Editor page at:



          It may fix your icon issue from Director.



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            rafa@mediatech Level 1

            Hi Robin,

            I have found that on Macs, if you have a PNG version of your icon at 512 (which is the largest icon size they use I believe), all you need to do is:

            1. Publish your file from Director
            2. Open your PNG on Mac's "Preview" image viewer.
            3. Inside Preview,  do a "select-all" (apple key + a).
            4. Copy the selected area (apple key + c)
            5. Select your newlly published Director file and "view info" (apple key + i)
            6. Inside the info window that just opened, click on the Director grey icon. As you can see, you just selected it. Now just do "paste" (apple key + v), and this will replace your application's icon with the PNG you had on copied before.

            Like I said... this method works perfectly for me. I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but give this a try. Hopefully it solves your issue.


            Good luck!