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    Reader 9 white lines/gaps when printing a graphic


      In the past few weeks, I have noticed that when I print a pdf with a graphic in it, the graphic prints with white lines through it (in a lump as if the graphic is cut in half).   When I print the pdf on the main desktop, it prints fine.   When I print it from my laptop using the network printer, it has the white lines.   I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Reader 9 but it still prints the lines.   Sometimes if the document is a 2 column, it will print part of the text in the 2nd column under the broken graphic, on top of the first column as well.   I'm not that computer tech savvy so this may not be explained in as much detail as needed so please let me know if more information is needed.


      I am using Windows XP on the laptop on the network with our main computer which is a desktop using Windows 7.    No settings have changed on the laptop prior to the problem starting.  It could be related to a Reader 9 update though as I remember doing one on the past couple of months.  This started happening about the end of September.