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    Email StartPoint questions

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      I have a Email Startpoint for my process.

      In the Startpoint properties, General section, there's Domain Name and User Name.

      It seems that a process instance gets created under that User account (as shown in the Process Search page of AdminUI).


      Is it possible to use the real Email Sender as the Process Instance Creator?

      If so, how?



      2nd question is,

      The InBox user needs to be an unique ID, otherwise I get an error message saying each Email Endpoint InBox needs to use a different email account.

      Why is that?  can this be changed?

      If I have 500 processes, I need to create 500 email accounts?



      3rd question:

      I need to put the Process Fields block onto my Form, because I also want to do the Email-Submit at the downstream User tasks of the process.

      (see http://blogs.adobe.com/livecycle/2010/08/configuring-email-for-process-management-in-livec ycle-es2.html )

      However, the Submit button in the Process Fields becomes Visible when the downstream Users open the workitem in the WorkSpace.

      If I initiate this from the WorkSpace, then the button is hidden always.

      If I don't use the Email StartPoint, the button is hidden also.

      Why is this?  Have I done something wrong to cause this?



      4th question:

      The Submit button in the Process Fields has a piece of JavaScript, which, if I read it correctly,

      checks for the AWS_PROCESSTYPE field and the TASKID field. 

      If they are empty, user can't Submit the PDF.

      TASKID is always empty, so I need to populate the PROCESSTYPE field before I can Submit it.


      why does it need the PROCESSTYPE if it already requires a Unique Email InBox ID for that process?