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    Flex 3 App throws error #1009 in IE only


      Hi All,


      I am having an issue with my flex 3 app (built in flex builder 3). The app works 100% on all browsers except IE. And it does work in IE, except that it throws ?debugging? errors. I'm afraid I'm not entirely sure of the relationship between the flash player and debugger and flex builder etc. which is probably my biggest problem. I have been searching high and low for the low down on all of this, but to no avail.


      The error I get is error #1009, but the weird part of this is that the error directly references files on my local machine from the live environment. This makes me think that the issue is caused at compilation. I also know where some of the issues are happening... where i have set change functions on certain objects and those functions reference the objects and other objects. It seems that the change function is triggered before the objects are fully created and thus issues arise. my solution is to set the change event on creationComplete of the app.

      I can go through the project and do that for all instances where this is happening, but my larger problem is that other more complicated errors are also popping up while I browse the app.

      The project itself is complete and has been fully tested and declared working for all intents and purposes. The functionality works as it should in all browsers, even IE. the only real problem is the blasted errors popping up.

      Is there a way to stop this from happening aside from having to dig through my code endlessly and figure out what the actual code issues are?

      And before you chastise me for not wanting to make the code 100% clean, please take into consideration that I am the mother of 3 very demanding children, one of whom is only a few months old and another a non-sleeping toddler. I am currently not meant to be working and quite frankly just want this issue sorted so that I can go to bed and try get a little sleep. I am usually a lot more of a perfectionist, but circumstances as they are make me less so!


      Please could someone explain the relationship this debugging version of the flash player has to everything and how I can trick the blasted thing into keeping my messy code a secret?!


      Any advice would be much appreciated!!!


      Thanks in advance,


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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          The browser uses a FlashPlayer plugin.  On Mac, it seems like all browser

          use the same plugin.  On Windows, there is a different one for FireFox,

          another one for IE, another one for other browsers.


          The plugin can be a debugger player or a production/release player.  Only

          folks developing apps should use the debugger player.  The vast majority of

          folks are running release players in their browsers.


          The release player does not display runtime exceptions.  It stops executing

          script for that frame and tries to continue on the next frame.  The debugger

          player displays runtime exceptions.  It is best to clean up your code so it

          doesn't display exceptions in the debugger player because some of your

          customers might also be running the debugger player, but mainly because it

          will make your app run more consistently.