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    Flash CS5 Exception Thrown in Destructor Error!

    Brent Blaskievich Level 1

      Dealing with this for the past few days. I open flash and export a few simple Flash 8 files but if I leave the export popup window open when I try to export again I get a freeze then an error.


      First the export progress bar will become frozen then when I try to close flash I get.


      Exception thrown in destructor


      Encountered an improper argument.





      Flash CS5, Windows 7 x64


      Pretty frustrating and the only thing I can do is restart flash and reopen the files.


      Tried uninstalling and reinstalling flash and updating. Same thing.


      Running in compatibility as Vista SP2 works but then the interface runs slow as molasses.


      I did see a similar message in this post. But it was marked as answered and clearly was not.