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    detecting bad frames in HDV footage


      HI, i just installed the update, i was really looking forward to the bug fix to detect bad frames in HDV footage, this was the update to cs3 and cs4 had it to begin with -

      Improved handling of MPEG streams

      The   Premiere Pro 3.2.0 update provides improved handling of MPEG files.   Errors in the MPEG stream can occur during recording due to tape   dropouts, record start/stop glitches, timecode breaks, and a variety of   other causes. Bad frames caused by these MPEG stream errors are now   better identified in 3.2.0 during file indexing and playback. Because   older MPEG index files and conformed audio files (those existing before   the 3.2.0 update) do not take advantage of the improved MPEG handling,   these files should be deleted to avoid compatibility issues.


      am disapointed as this is what i have been looking forward to, i guess am still stuck with cs3.


      here was the post i created 3 moths ago: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3114477