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    OSMF Metadata Question

    meekgeek Level 1

      My goal is to create a type of playlist plugin (using m3u file), for a thin wrapper of OSMF. (strobe media player is not an option)


      I'm trying to create a simple playlist that displays the title and description of what's currently playing.


      I thought there would be a place for it in the Flash Media Manifest File (f4m).


      I see a  metadata child node for the media tag but this will have to be replicated for files with multi-bit rates, so I didn't think that was right.


      Looking through the OSMF code ( in the ManifestParser class ), I now see that metedata information needs to be stored in AMF format?  Is that correct?


      Am I going in the right direction? Any suggestions on how and where to put that information?


      Hope somebody can help

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          Andrian Cucu Adobe Employee

          Hi Joel,


          You can consider using the m3u format for these extra information. If you decide to implement the parser inside a plugin, I suggest you start by looking at the m3u parser inside the Strobe Media Playback.


          A different approach that you might consider is having the m3u parser and the logic implementation directly in your custom player. This might be somewhat simpler to implement compared to the implementation we have in Strobe Media Playback.


          Let us know how it goes!



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            meekgeek Level 1

            Thank you for responding Andrian,


            This is exactly what I did.  I didn't know about m3u directives, which allow me to store that type of information.  I've gone ahead and modified the Strobe Media Playback plugin to read these directives and added another MetaData class for them.


            Thanks again.