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    Digital Signature Components


      Hi Steve,


      We have purchased the following products:


      • Adobe Livecycle Designer ES2 v9
      • Adobe Livecycle Forms ES2 v9


      We are interested in creating online/interactive consent forms to capture user signature information. Do we have all the products/modules that we need in order to do so. If not, what components/dependencies are we missing?


      Thank you,

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          SForrest96 Level 4



          You may need LiveCycle Reader Extension ES2 and LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES2.  Here is why...


          LiveCycle Reader Extension ES2 is used to "extend" features (on a form by form basis) in the free Adobe Reader.  This includes the ability for a user to sign a PDF with Adobe Reader (you can't sign with Reader unless the document\form has been Reader Extended).  If your end users have Acrobat Standard or Professional then they can sign without the need for reader extensions.


          LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES2 is used (among other things) to sign PDFs on the server side, and to validate the signatures on the signed PDFs on the server side.  If you will be "validating" signatures manually then you may not want\need LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES2.