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    wish to set combobox selectedIndex with webservice data

    Ken Bull
      I am a relative Flex newbie and have what I hope is a basic question. I tried searching the forums but didn't find what I am looking for.

      I load a combobox with data from a webservice. Works fine except for small delay. I want to set the selectedIndex to the user's previously saved choice.

      If I use the creationCompleted event for the combobox, it appears the data isn't present at that time and the setting of the selectedIndex is ignored. If I use the change event, that only responds to user changes, not a change from the creation of the combobox to the dataprovider having populated it with data.

      How can I detect when the dataProvider has done its thing and I can go ahead and set the selectedIndex on the combobox?

      Thanks for your input!