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    Running Flex Messaging Service in Eclipse...

    peteandrus Level 1

      does anyone here develop Java apps that use Flex Messaging Service on Eclipse?


      I am DYING here trying to get my system set up to do this. However, i am running into some problems:


      1-i am assuming that the ideal situation is that Eclipse launches my Java class on the Tomcat server. is that correct?

      2-how do i configure Eclipse to correctly run my Java class in the context of Tomcat? Can anyone give me some tips on how to do this?


      currently i am running my Java stuff, and KEEP getting a dang NULL back when running this code:


      MessageBroker mg = MessageBroker.getMessageBroker(null);


      using Flex Messaging.


      Any HELP! is appreciated

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          peteandrus Level 1

          i wanted to post a reply to this for posterity's sake:


          the way i got this to work was i downloaded the sysdeo tomcat plugin for Eclipse. Once i had that up and running i was able to debug anything running in Tomcat by simply adding a breakpoint, then getting something to call it on the server.


          So, i created my Java class that uses Flex Messaging Service and moved that class to the proper place in my Tomcat Server.


          Next, i created a breakpoint in the above Java class in Eclipse.


          Next, i ran my Flex application in Flash Builder which calls the Java on the Tomcat Server


          VOILA! when the above Java class is called using BlazeDS it triggers the breakpoint and i can debug it ON THE SERVER. Since the Flex Messaging Service is installed on the server, it debugs correctly by getting a non-null MessageBroker object when requested....


          chao pescao!