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    Sandy Bridge or 980x, which would you advise for premier pro new build?




      New to the forum. Looking to build from new, currently using an 8 year old laptop, which cannot cope.

      After the build will be investing in cs5, mainly for premier pro use - the main purpose of the build.


      My main question is advice re processor and therefore motherboard. Already have the case (lian li X900), and power unit (antec hcp 1200)


      Really appreciate any advice on whether you would wait for sandy brdge or whether 980x is better for this purpose.

      Once I have sorted this out I will get the other components following the advice in the other threads on new builds.


      Cost isnt the main issue with respect to the above processors.


      I expect the rest of the build to have something like  gtx 580, 12gb ram to start with, 3 1TB hdd's and 1 ssd


      Thanks for you help