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    Flex Plugin for Mercury Quick Test Pro


      We are interested in using the Flex plugin for QTP but are wondering if you can base test scripts on UI components (ie button, input fields, etc).

      Some test software allows you to create scripts by recording the mouse movements and playing them back. The scripts based on the x & y coordinates. Problem there is that if you change the layout of the UI the scripts become invalid. During the dev cycle, the UI will definitely go through some changes or for that matter if the UI is dynamically created at runtime, the x & y position of UI components may be different depending on which fields etc are generated and presented to the user.

      Can you base the scripts on UI components so that if the button or whatever gets moved around the scripts won't be invalidated. According to Mercury, their software is capable of associating scripts with UI components when you are dealing with html. When test script is executed, QTP will parse the DOM and find the specific UI components. However they are not sure whether the Flex plugin for QTP implements this concept.

      Does anyone know if this is possible?

      Thanks KT