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    Strange motion tween problem


      So I have been making an animation to a voice over for a project. Comes in at about 2000+ frames with each animations different "scene" location split into 16 layers.


      If I play the entire movie from start to finish my 2nd to last "scene's" motion tweens play really fast and repeat randomly.


      If I use a gotoAndPlay to the frame where this "scene" starts the motion tween plays as intended.


      The problem "scene" is setup like all my others with the "scene" being in its own movieclip on the main timeline, and then nesting other movieclips inside it. When I remove the tweens from the nested movieclips there is no movement issue, but obviously there is also no movement which I need.


      My fix so far has been to add a goToAndPlay on the first frame of the problem "scene", eg "gotoAndPlay(1895); above frame 1895" which plays the tween correctly but makes my audio stutter when it hits that frame. So is not exactly the desired effect.


      Note: when I say "scene" I don't mean flash scenes more taking about the different shots/locations of my animation.


      I've searched google for hours to try find a similar issues with no success. So really do appreciate any help or ideas from some more experienced flashers