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    Volume Envelope

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      Hi again,

      I am big on using my "Favorites". I am trying to get my head around using the Mac version of Favorites. I am not seeing any place to tie these to function keys or keyboard shortcuts in general. This was a massive time saver for me when editing VO. Is this something that is not yet in the package, or is it gone?


      While setting up my favorites, I have many things that I do with the "Volume Envelope". The Mac version is saying something about using the editor window, but I am seeing no such thing. Where is it hiding? Is it necessary to do a 2 step hop? Can it not be in the volume envelope pop up as this is the feature that I need to use? Better said... Why would I need to go to an editor window, to build my envelope, then save it, then go to the volume envelope effect, then apply it. Or am I missing something. I would read the help normally but there seems to be none in the beta.


      Thanks again.

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          Ah... I see it now. I found the little envelope in the editor. It was just slammed up to the top as it was set to default. Another thing is that the yellow line sort of blends into the white of the selection. I can not seem to find how to break it from the default. It seems that I must start from one of the other presets if I want to have any editability. Without some info on how to use this, it is a little squirrly.


          PS Warning to others who are envelope junkies... If you happen to accidentally click out of the selected area it grabs the whole waveform (not good if it is an hour plus long). Just reselect it. You can do this while the window is still live. You have to get your head out of the windowed confinement idea. While it is great in the way it worked on the PC. This will give you a lot more precision. But the precision comes with some getting used to as it can spring on you and rear it's jaws and eat you whole. ok perhaps that was a little much.

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            Hey Adobe... In putting this to the track level, this does take away the ability of amplified enveloping. in Au 3 and prior we could set the envelope amplification to 200%, then set the ends to 100% and make a smooth amplification without having sharp edges. I see no way of doing this under the new system. Please advise. Thanks.