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    MenuBar + MXML

    Vigorena_cl Level 1

      Hi, i have a query, i hace a flex project (I am learning) in the main mxml i have the following code


      <fx:XMLList id="menuXML">
         <fx:menuitem label="Formulario">
          <fx:menuitem label="Formulario 1" data="Formulario1"/>
          <fx:menuitem label="Formulario 2" data="Formulario2"/>   </fx:menuitem>
      <mx:ApplicationControlBar id="dockedBar" dock="true">
      <mx:MenuBar height="100%" dataProvider="{menuXML}" labelField="@label" showRoot="false"/>
        <mx:HBox paddingBottom="5" paddingTop="5">
         <mx:Spacer width="100%"/>


      I need is that pressing the menu button on Form - Form 1 mxml I instantiate a form that I have created. How I can do?, Anyway I searched online and not meeting anyone could help me?

      Leer fonéticamente

      Blessings and thanks in advance