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    Changing output directories

    V Igel



      I initially created my RoboHelp project in the foo directory, which was under SVN source control. I quickly realized that endlessly regenerating help files was going to wreak havoc with SVN, so I changed the output to the bar directory. However, the latter directory is missing the !SSL! directory. It didn't seem to make a difference until I generated a PDF to !SSL!/Printed_Documentation, at which point Firefox couldn't find the file because it was back in foo/!SSL!/...

      I tried working around this by re-creating !SSL! in bar, but it disappears each time I re-generate the help.

      I've also added the PDF to Baggage in case that would work, but it doesn't.

      When I try to go back to the old directory to generate the help, I get the message below.


      Any tips on how to straighten this out would be greatly appreciated.