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    Font sizes

    DarrenBiz Newcomer

      Some of the font sizes are incredibly small and difficult to read. A setting to allow users to customise this would be handy.

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          Charles Myers 4th Pioneer

          Can you please give a concrete instance of this?  What community/tab/ area.  And a BMP/PNG of it would be great.

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            DarrenBiz Newcomer

            Sure - its the body font of the forum posts actually. It seems to be 1 or 2 pts smaller than all the other fonts around it. On a laptop, it is incredibly hard to read because of the resolution of most laptops.


            It would be better if it was the same size as the Post Time above it. Even better if it was configurable via the "preferences" menu selection. 


            Here is an image (I have overlayed a standard explorer window to show the comparison):






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              meaman Helper

              Thank you for your feedback. We will look into adding a font sizing option.


              Cheers – Marc.