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    Quadro FX4800 Spanning for Stereo?


      I'm trying to edit in 3D stereo most effectively. I have been using a Matrox DH2G external raster splitter and 1080 SbS (side by side) files into two Sony Ruby projectors, in a 2560x720 timeline (2x 720p), because I can't get the DH2G to run cleanly at a full 1080 24fps (3840x1080). I'd prefer to be spanning the image across two viewports, hooking the projectors directly up to the board DVI outputs (using the stock ATI board for my desktop), but there isn't a control panel to enable spanning on the driver level, and of course PPr sees them as two separate monitors, and will play back to one or the other, but not both, or, left to left and right to right.


      Am I kind of stuck where I am with this, or does Adobe have something to help me? TIA,