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    Capture Problem with Decklink SDI


      We have been using a new CS5 editor for Commercial Production. Most captures from the DSR-1800 for commercial work is 5-10 minutes top for video from a shoot.


      We are starting a project that was a multi-camera shoot of a symphony concert.  When we try and capture the 2.5 hours off of tape, it keeps failing at random times.  There is 4 TB in the capture drive that shows up as 170 hours+ so storage is not the problem.  The last try today went for 59 minutes and stopped. The drives are all NTFS so there isn't any file size limit for capture to DV is there?


      Premiere does not crash, the capture window time just stops even though the tape is still running. If you hit stop at that point it asks for the name for the clip as usual...


      Any idea's why it won't let us capture long length from tape?  We have three tapes that must be captured of the same shoot to be edited down for airing.


      System is i7-950, 12 GB memory, Quadro FX 4800, 500 GB OS, 4 TB Scratch Raid 0.


      Thank you,