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    Playing Series Of FLV - How Do I Cache/Preload The Next FLV To Play?

      I'm working on an online interactive application that uses about 80 short FLV clips. The problem I'm having is that when one clip is done, there is a pause while the first bit of the next one loads. How can I avoid this?

      I'm new to FLV playing, and continuing on someone else's code. They use a VideoPlayer on stage, and load videos using AS 2.0.

      Complicating this is that the application is a game, and often 3 choices are offered for next video (all FLV URL's are read in at start from an XML file), so ideally I'd like to load a small bit from 3 FLV's, to "prime the pump".

      Can one "preload" a portion of an external FLV file into a NetStream object and "attach" it when the current FLV is done? All examples of FLV playing following a standard formula of setting up the video object, the netConnection object, the netStream object, but I'm unclear to what extent these are separable from one another.

      Thanks for any help!