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    Using Flex to develop a ERP system

    Wu Tomby

      I am trying to use Flex4 to  develop a ERP system. Now i am using Module technology. it's seem some  problem when dynamic loading module. Though I do a force reference  in main application. it works. I dont know why and how it happens.

      our demo site is http://demo.coolerp.com  and our support site is www.coolerp.com


      You can check the demo site http://demo.coolerp.com, it seems a little bit slow at the same time.


      Now we are usng the following arthictecture to implement ERP

      http://www.micsun.com/mainsite/show_list_content.jsp?parentId=1949746407&classId=195080214 8




      Any good idea  or good architecture for cool ERP, please come to me.


      BTW, welcome people knowing ERP or Flex knowledge to join free ERP develoment.


      tomby wu