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    How can I insert watermark in printing document by Adobe Reader through Windows API hooking?


      Hi, I'm a software engineer in charge of Solution Dept Department of Printer company

      Thesedayz, I've got a new project that inserting watermark image in printing document forcely.

      Using the Windows Printing API hooking(startdoc(), enddoc(), endpage() ..etc), I can control the printing document in Windows environment.

      It works fine with MS Word, PowerPoint, Notepad and Mspaint etc... except Adobe Reader.

      And my customer company which my solution project will be deployed want to printing with Adobe Reader as PDF file.


      Extract device information and printing control were works well only except manipulate printing image In the Adobe Reader.


      - from the Code's point of view

      : I hook the endpage API call and change hdc in endpage(hdc). But, printing document has no changing.


      Another PDF viewer, like Foxit, works fine.

      But, I want to  use Adobe Reader, which is most popular.

      Any suggestion maybe  helpful to me.



      Thank you.