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    Flash CS4 causing system crash (graphics card issue???)

    Lewiz Level 1

      Hi there everyone,


      I have been using Flash CS4 for a long time now, and it was always working flawlessly and fast. Yesterday I ran into some kind of bug quite unexpectedly. I am using XP, 3 GB of RAM and a GeForce 7600. This is what happened, I hope someone can reproduce it:


      I started with an empty file, AS 2, of 400 by 100 pixels, zoomed in to 800 % and used the pen tool to draw four points, in the shape of a somewhat bumpy circle. Next, I started pulling around with the bezier handles of the four points to tweak the shape.

      The first phenomenon was that of the bezier handles flipping, rotating and jumping around like crazy, the movements are so fast that it showed a flashing noise-like square around the shape I drew.

      Next, when I moved the shape, none of the movement was shown in preview, when I release my drawing pen from the tablet the shape jumps into place, so it didn't show the actual dragging around. This made me think it could be a graphics card issue...

      Then, the entire screen redrawing of the whole system becoms slow: random parts of the open windows become transparent.

      After that, when I tried to save the file, the save dialog window lists only part of my directory structure ??? And lastly, even when I have forced Flash to shutdown, the entire system is bugged: icons have disappeared, Internet Explorer won't run and directories have gone, the directories I can still see won't allow me access anymore and I don't even have "permission" to shot down my computer ??????


      Can somebody help please, this is driving me nuts. All I can think of is that Flash is corrupting the display driver or graphics card somehow, but I am shooting in the dark with this.

      PLZ help.