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    Constraining layer movement to 45º


      Ok, I know this is a simple question and I'm sure one of you will be able to answer it immediately, but is it possible to constrain movement of a layer to 45º?


      As an example, I've got a square off the bottom left hand corner of my composition and I add a keyframe, I then move forward 2 seconds in the timeline and want to move the square to the upper right hand corner of the composition. It's important that it's at 45º as there will be multiple objects sliding past each other over time.


      I know it's possible to do it by either using the shift+cursor keys or by typing in the coordinates, but these methods take either too much time or are too tricky to work out. I'd ideally like to be able to just grab the layer in the composition window, hold shift and drag it to its new position, but holding shift only seems to constrain to 90º.


      So, can anyone help with this?