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    DRM is a pain in the neck!

    SteveF1948 Level 1

      I borrowed an ebook from the local library a few days ago, to read on my Sony PRS-350 ereader. The software supplied by Sony is useless, but ADE successfully downloaded the book and I was able to copy it to the ereader.

      Flushed with success I downloaded another ebook from the same place, but I can't read it. My ereader and PC both say that "this book is protected by DRM". Well that's no surprise, I wouldn't have bothered using ADE if it wasn't protected would I? What the hell does the message mean? I used ADE to download, so I expected to be able to read the damn book on my activated devices!

      ADE does not show my ereader as a collection, which the help file says it should do. Calibre allows me to see the book, but says that "this book is protected by DRM".

      What can I do to forced ADE to let me read the book I've borrowed? Buggy DRM software doesn't encourage sales of ebooks, it just encourages piracy.