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    Topic link to chm in new window

      I would like to have a resulting HTML Help that will let me click on a topic (for a subsystem help) which will open a new .chm in a new HTML Help window (with its own TOC/index/etc). Not sure how to configure this or make it work. Any ideas. I have tried a veriety of things so far, but nothing works yet...

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi netmatt and welcome to the RH community. This sounds like you need to specify an alternate .HHC file in your sub-project's window. If you open the window that your sub-project opens in, go into the Advanced Properties and specifiy the HHC file in the Table of Contents field. Might be worth a go if you haven't already.
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            netmatt Level 1
            I got the new window to open up with the new CHM now...

            As a follow up, it seems I need to define the new window with the specific TOC and Index of the new CHM. I there a way to define a window that picks up the related TOC and Index of the chm that it opens(in this way, a single window type gets created, so that when I get a new subsytem, I do not have to keep adding/creating new windows, which makes me have to redistribute the main system help...which is what I am trying to avoid)