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    Flash file to MPEG4

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      I am working on a MAC right now and am wondering for a future project how to make a flash file into an mpeg4 file.  I'm going to take the mpeg4 file and move it to iDVD to create a file that is compatible with DVD players.  I'll also make the menu options there since I think to create DVD menu options in Flash involves a lot of ActionScript and I'm not THAT advanced with AS.  I'm also using Flash CS4 for all of this and iDVD 8.  Any suggestions?  I know that there are some video converters out there, but I didn't know if that was the way to go or if there was a pre-built option for that either in Flash or iDVD.  I've been looking for one but haven't found it.


      If I do need a video converter can anyone recommend one?

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            Okay, so I'm exporting my flash movie to Quicktime.  In the video section, I have MPEG 4 selected.  However, when I launch the movie in Quicktime, the animation doesn't play.  Anyone know what's going on?

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              While I have had little experience moving Flash animations into MPEG4 format I am wondering why not just let the encoders in iDVD do the heavy lifting?  The output from Flash can be a selection of different file types, why not use one that is a little more cooperative and then when outputting the file from iDVD, to create your burn file to DVD, let the encoders in iDVD do that job.  When I look at the throughtput of a workflow I always try to keep file conversion native to the software best able to handle it.  Obviously the MPEG4 output from Flash is giving you problems, so output it in Quicktime as a .mov and import it into the timeline in iDVD.  It will do the encoding for you and give you a tidy MPEG4 output that burns to DVD easily.


              This process is usually easier if you run the video timeline through Premiere, Final Cut, or iMovie first just because those programs ae meant to aid you in this process but an output from Flash directly to iDVD should work in a .mov format.


              Give it a shot and good luck,