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    Flash Builder configuration ?




      To make a long story short I'm trying to create a simple SWF with Flash Builder with a width="1500" and a height="591". After compiling I copy the .swf from bin-release to my desktop. When I double click on the .swf it does not show up the size I want and has scroll bars on it. Is there a setting either within Flash Builder 4 to  or within Flex that makes this happen?  Below is my simple code which I have reduced to it's simplest form:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>












      1500" height="591" >




      <mx:Label fontSize="20" fontWeight="bold" color="#6a6a6a"


      325" y="10" text="POUNDS RECYCLED PER SCHOOL - 3RD QUARTER 2010" />








      Thanks in advance.