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    Cannot uninstall, update, or open Adobe Reader 9.3.1


      I am running Windows XP 32-bit.  I recently updated to Adobe Reader X and want to uninstall Adobe Reader 9.3.1, but cannot. I have tried uninstalling using Add/Remove Programs, I have tried updating to 9.3.2 by downloading the appropriate update file from adobe.com, and I have tried opening Adobe Reader 9 to ask for updates from the Help menu.  None of these worked, because as soon as I tried to "Remove" Adobe Reader 9 in the first instance, as soon as I tried to open the executable update file in the 2nd instance, and as soon as I clicked on Adobe Reader 9 to open it in the 3rd instance, I got the same message: "This patch package could not be opened.  Verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer patch package."


      I think this problem may be related to the fact that I recently did a System Restore on my computer because I had a virus that was not being caught by Norton Antivirus.  After the System Restore, I fully updated all my programs and Mozilla plug-ins, which caused Adobe Reader X to download.  Since I no longer need Adobe Reader 9, I'd like to get it off my computer.


      The only thread I could find on this issue in this forum was from March 2010, and the user was referred to the Windows Installer Clean-up Utility.  This utility is no longer available from Microsoft, so I couldn't resolve the issue with that method.


      Thanks for any suggestions you may have!  I am not especially computer savvy, so detailed instructions are much appreciated.