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    can't get FLV to play in HTML page...

    r_tist Level 1



      I dragged the FLVPlayback to the stage and set the source to my FLV file name and set the skin to one of the options.

      My HTML page calls upon the published SWF file. Do I need to name the additional SWF file to the same name as my skin?


      How do you publish the skin file also?


      I'm thinking this issue lies with the dimensions of the movie. The FLV says it is 640 x 480. So I went in and modified the Flash document to the same.

      Do I need to use the Transform tool and make the actual player to these proportions so it fills the stage? - here is where the confusion lies...or is it 'smart' enough to conform. My settings are the default of 'maintain aspect ratio'.


      Please help!


      Thank you.