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    How to specify AIR application file dependencies for Mac & PC??

    Kevin C. Burke Level 1


      My client wants me to reference images and a database file in the following locations:

      [My Documents]/clientName/[App Name]/db/
      [My Documents]/
      clientName/[App Name]/people/


      I'm on a Mac and these locations are for PC.


      Currently the files are on the desktop and I access them like so:


      var dbFile:File = File.desktopDirectory.resolvePath("general.sqlite");


      I've read in the documentation that File.userDirectory is the way to go for cross-platform file references. How can I use this (or another method) to create a folder that includes my application and two folders (db & people) with the files I need in them? Or at least set up a file reference that points to these location?


      Thank you a million times to anyone who can help!